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  • Academies: To Inspect or not to Inspect?

Academies: To Inspect or not to Inspect?

Posted by Chris 5 years ago

Lord Nash, minister responsible for academies has revealed that he has no intention of allowing academies to be inspected by OFSTED because ministers and civil servants meet with them quite regularly.

Although OFSTED is responsible for inspecting education departments of local authorities, it has to date, been denied access to academy chains. This does not look set to change any time soon.

Lord Nash is adamant in his views that there would be no benefit in asking OFSTED to inspect chains due to the fact that they already send him data on how their school is performing. He also insists that in meeting with them on a regular basis, they can discuss any of his concerns.

"Chains are getting bigger and bigger and the need for them to be inspected is getting greater."

Mary Bousted- General Secretary of Classroom Union

There are however, many who disagree with Lord Nash. As chains are expanding, some to equal the size of local authorities, calls for academy chains to be inspected are becoming increasingly urgent. How much longer can the department of education delay the inevitable?

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