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adam bushnell 'creative writing' staff training days

Posted by Sarah Dalziel 1 year ago

Education World is proud to announce a new partnership with renowned local author, Adam Bushnell. He is responsible for best-selling titles such as “Snakes Legs and Cow’s Eggs” and “Quests in Epica.”

Originally from Hartlepool, Adam began his creative journey as a teacher, teaching in a number of primary schools in London and further afield in Europe before moving back to Durham. He then took up a part time Literacy Teacher role at Easington Colliery Primary School, where he also began delivering storytelling and creative writing workshops to schools.

Adam is now a full time author, having published twelve books and travels around schools delivering reading and writing workshops daily. Many of you will be familiar with Adam as his school workshops are extremely popular, so we are delighted that we have secured the opportunity to hold our first full day staff training session in partnership with Adam. This session will be free of charge as a benefit to schools who engage with Education World.

The first session we have arranged will be led by Adam and will focus on Creative writing across multiple genres including: Narrative, Poetry, Non Fiction, Character, Setting, Visual Literacy, Persuasion, Explanation, Non Chronological Reports, Recounts and more.

Within the session, focus will be given to a range of areas including:

  • The importance of listening.
  • Tips for promoting retelling of events, stories, experiences, jokes etc. in the written form.
  • Difference between telling and retelling narrative.
  • Moving on from early mark making to finding an individual written voice.
  • Hooks for learning and imagination opportunities.
  • Practical ideas for the classroom.
  • Recommended resources, books, animations and websites.
  • Top tips on plotting, planning, research and SPAG.
  • Resources to be used in the classroom.
  • The training session will take place on Thursday 18th October 2018, start time and venue TBC. It is envisaged that two members of staff per school will be able to attend. Please contact us on 0191 4409993 for more info or to secure your places.

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