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Client satisfaction Questionnaires

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Client satisfaction Questionnaires

As I am sure most of you are aware we conducted client satisfaction questionnaires at the end of last term and firstly I would just like to thank everybody who returned them, it was much appreciated. The purpose of conducting these questionnaires was to find out exactly how Education World was doing as a service provider to schools. We believe our performance is something that can always be evaluated and improved. So good or bad we wanted to know exactly what your

We were overwhelmed with the response we got and the positive feedback from our schools was very encouraging. The results for the quality of candidates and efficiency of consultants collected was particularly pleasing with "90% of schools surveyed rating our candidates at 9/10 or above".

"As for efficiency of consultants over 90% of schools asked rates our consultants at 9/10 or higher with a high majority opting for 10/10". We will ensure you that this high level of quality candidates and consultant efficiency will be maintained.

As well as the positive feedback there were some areas we can improve on for individual schools and as a whole and we have put action into place to ensure that were improvements made where needed.

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