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  • Should Schools have the autonomy to set their own Term Dates?

Should Schools have the autonomy to set their own Term Dates?

Posted by Chris 5 years ago

The recent proposal to allow head teachers the freedom to change the layout of the academic year has been a hotbed of debate amongst the teaching community and parents alike.

With Head Teachers now potentially given the power to confine the six weeks holiday to the history books, we find ourselves wondering whether this is a change we, as a community, actually want or need.

"It is Heads and Teachers who know
their parents and pupils best."

The Department of Education.

It is true that the six weeks holiday is a bit of a relic, representing an age during which children needed this time off from school to help their families during the harvest. Some would argue therefore, that the six weeks holiday is completely outdated and should be revised to represent the needs of kids today.

Others worry that this unregulated power could cause chaos for schools and parents alike, all doing different things. How will a parent cope with finding child care, organising time off work and arranging family holidays with kids in different schools with different term times? We'd love to hear you opinions!

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