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  • Should Teacher Training Providers be held to account?

Should Teacher Training Providers be held to account by OFSTED for the NQT's they train?

Posted by Chris 5 years ago

OFSTED's latest revelation is that it is taking closer notice of the performance of NQT's and the quality of their lessons in a move that suggests to us that teacher training providers are about to be held accountable for the NQT's they train.

This approach was revealed to have been brought into effect due to an OFSTED study that identified several providers currently rated as 'Outstanding', who’s most recent NQT's had been observed teaching lessons of an unacceptable standard. These providers have been prioritised for inspection.

Larger providers are voicing concerns about being at a disadvantage due to the chances of them being inspected being higher and the chances of one of their NQTs delivering inadequate lessons being higher.

Many others are calling for OFSTED to look into the support offered to the NQT by the school, the culture of the school and whether or not the performance of the NQT is consistent or simply an anomaly before inspecting the teacher training providers themselves. What do you think?

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