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Changes to Funding for special education needs.

Posted by Sarah Dalziel 5 years ago

Recent changes to the law which will give parents the right to buy in specialist special education needs and disabled care for children from next year are being criticised due to many worrying they will have the undesirable effect of driving SEN teachers into the private sector.

Under the new rules, parents will be given the power to control personal budgets for their children with severe, profound or multiple health and learning- meaning they can choose the expert support that they feel is right for their child, instead of local authorities.

Many worry that whilst these reforms are broadly positive, there may be some disconnect between the provision that parents feel their children need and that which their schools and SEN teachers feel they need. In addition, these changes may lead to the closure of many state funded units which in turn will drive specialist SEN provision towards to private sector. This could result in a decline of much of the talent and expertise currently available in state schools.

Whether these reforms will be effective remains to be seen but let's hope they do not adversely impact children already in the state system requiring SEN support.

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