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How to be a Good Supply Teacher

Posted by Chris 5 years ago

We understand how stressful a job as a supply teacher can be. Below, we've compiled a list of some handy tips and hints to help you get the most out of your job and also, make your life that little bit easier.

  • Be Honest! If you’re honest about your abilities and preferences at the interview stage, it'll help us to find you the job that suits you best.
  • Be Available! Keep us updated on your availability each week by calling one of the lovely folks in our team on 0191 4409993 or drop us an email.
  • Be Ready! The teacher who is up, dressed and ready for a last minute supply phone call in the morning will definitely get more work than the teacher who is still in the land of nod with their phone on silent!
  • Be Flexible! Be flexible about everything! Location, salary, subject and Key Stage! The more flexible you are, the more work you'll get. More work=more experience + more chances to impress those head teachers!
  • Be Prepared! Always have your CRB or DBS Certificate and a proof of ID ready to grab on your way out to work!
  • Be Sociable! Introduce yourself to the business manager, head teacher and other members of the teaching staff. If they remember you, they're more likely to ask for you personally next time!
  • Be thorough! Pay attention to the small things like making sure your classroom is tidy and the books are marked on time before you leave each day.
  • Be Considerate! We know that from time, people get ill. And that's ok! All we ask is that you call us on 0191 440 9993 as soon as you can to let us know. A text or an email is not acceptable!

If you can think of any more tips or hints for supply teachers, please share them with us below...

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