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  • The New Curriculum: Things just got tough!

The New Curriculum: Things just got tough!

Posted by Chris 5 years ago

The recent revelation from the Department of Education that the school curriculum will be made tougher for kids from age 5 has stirred huge debate in the education sector.

Kids today apparently have it too easy in their educational studies compared to those of other countries. As of 2014, the Department of Education has plans to implement a whole range of new subjects in the school curriculum that will be designed to make it more challenging.

Kids as young as five will be taught computer code, fractions, physics, biology, chemistry and Shakespeare. All of these ideas are designed with the view with catching up with the educational systems of other countries.

While most are applauding the idea, there is some concern about the time scale proposed to implement this new curriculum with autumn 2014 being ear marked as the date of change. What do you think about these changes?

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