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Two too young?

Posted by Sarah Dalziel 5 years ago

Ofsted have suggested two-year old children from disadvantaged families should be enrolled in school nurseries to improve their chances in school. This comes from a report stating these particular children are 18 months behind their classmates at the age of 5.

There are many people say two-year olds need to be loved and cherished, playing with their toys and learning their alphabet at home, not stuck in school.

"I am struggling to understand why anyone would promote pushing our youngest, most vulnerable children into schools rather than using the existing network of specialist local provision offered by child-minders and group settings."

Neil Leitch- Chief Executive of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

However there are others who disagree. A spokeswoman from the Department for Education stated that teacher-led early years education has a positive impact on children, especially on those from low income backgrounds and that children starting school at the age of two could benefit children from disadvantaged families as they may need more support.

Is there a clear line to define which children are to start at aged two and those to start school aged 5?

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