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We are in search of a committed and passionate tutor to join our team travelling to students across the Tees Valley region. As a Secondary tutor, your role will be pivotal in providing bespoke academic support to students currently outside the conventional classroom setting. Your primary objective will be to assist these students in catching up with their coursework, bridging learning disparities, and empowering them to achieve their academic aspirations.


  • Travel to students' residences or designated venues across the Tees Valley to administer personalized tutoring sessions.
  • Assess the unique learning needs of students and devise customized lesson plans tailored to address their academic hurdles.
  • Implement effective pedagogical strategies and employ a variety of instructional materials to augment students' comprehension of subjects.
  • Offer support in core disciplines such as Mathematics, English, Science, and other pertinent subjects in accordance with student requirements.
  • Foster student engagement and motivation through interactive and intellectually stimulating learning exercises.
  • Monitor student progress, evaluate performance, and furnish regular feedback to students and their families.
  • Collaborate with parents, educators, and educational experts to formulate and implement efficacious learning methodologies for individual students.
  • Maintain meticulous records of tutoring sessions, encompassing student attendance, progress assessments, and lesson blueprints.


  • Possession of a Bachelor's degree in Education or a cognate field is desirable.
  • Prior experience in tutoring or teaching roles, with a particular emphasis on furnishing tailored support to students.
  • Proficiency in core subjects, encompassing Mathematics, English, and Science.
  • Ability to travel to students' locations across the Tees Valley region.
  • Superlative communication skills and an adeptness in interpersonal relations.
  • Patience, empathy, and an authentic zeal for fostering student achievement.
  • Capability to adapt teaching methodologies to accommodate diverse learning styles and aptitudes.
  • Exemplary organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Possession of a valid driver's license and access to dependable transportation.


  • Flexible scheduling: Work 2 days a week with flexible arrangements for the chosen days.
  • The opportunity to effectuate a meaningful impact in students' lives.

If you are animated by the prospect of effectuating a positive change in students' lives and possess the requisite skills and dedication to thrive in this role, we encourage you to submit your application and join our team as a tutor in the Tees Valley.

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