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We at Education World care about providing you with a genuinely human-centred experience. Whether you're an education provision seeking staff or an education professional seeking opportunities, you can expect a personal and bespoke service from the same dedicated consultant who we guarantee will always go the extra mile for you. 

We're unwavering in our commitment to delivering the highest quality in all aspects of our work and above all else, focusing on the people at the heart of it all.

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Specialists in education recruitment

We're so successful at what we do because we really understand the unique requirements and demands of the education sector. We're proud to be niche recruitment specialists and have a thorough understanding of:
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Early Years Education

...and the profound significance of the early years in a child's development as well as the crucial role educators play in providing a stimulating and nurturing environment.

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Primary Education

...and the pivotal role primary educators play in these formative years, developing fundamental literacy, numeracy and social skills that lay the groundwork for future academic success.

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Secondary Education

...and the importance of quality secondary educators able to support and inspire students to delve deeper into academic subjects, explore career paths and develop essential life skills.

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Further Education

...and the significance that further educators play in shaping the future prospects of a young adult as well as contributing to the development of a skilled and knowledgeable society

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Special Educational Needs

...and the vital role of SEN staff in promoting quality, inclusive education and empowering pupils with statements of SEN to develop their own strengths and overcome obstacles.

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Extra-Curricular Education

...and the crucial role extracurricular instructors play in a well-rounded education that allows students to explore their talents and interests outside of the classroom.

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