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Plant a Tree Campaign

Education World is proud to uphold the core values of the UN Global Compact. We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint in every way possible. To that end, we are delighted to support the 'Plant a Tree Campaign,' wherein we pledge to plant one tree in Brazil for every position we fill.

Our team is thrilled to have contributed to the planting of 50,152 trees since 2016.


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Our nominated charities for 2023

Supporting our local communities has always been so important to us so in 2023, we pledged to fundraise for 3 amazing charities local to each of our branches.

1. Marie Curie Newcastle

Marie Curie Newcastle is focused on providing compassionate care and support to individuals with terminal illnesses. Their services include specialised nursing care, emotional support, and practical assistance, all tailored to meet individual needs. They aim to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families during challenging times, offering comfort and dignity throughout the journey of terminal illness. Marie Curie Newcastle plays a vital role in the community, embodying the values of care, compassion, and empowerment.

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2. Mind Nottinghamshire

Mind Nottinghamshire is dedicated to working to improve mental health and well-being in the region. They offer counselling, therapy, community programs, and advocacy to provide support and break down stigma. Through their efforts, they empower individuals to take control of their mental well-being and promote awareness. Mind Nottinghamshire plays a vital role in fostering mental health resilience and recovery in the community.

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3. Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity

Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity is a dedicated organisation that supports Sheffield Children's Hospital, providing funding for advanced medical equipment, research, and facility improvements. Their unwavering commitment ensures that children and their families receive exceptional care during challenging times, making a significant impact in the Sheffield community.

Sheffield Childrens Hospital Charity