Agency Worker Regulations

At Education World, we adopt a proactive and consultative approach to ensure employers are well-versed in their responsibilities under the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR).

We're dedicated to transparency and compliance and aim to equip our partner provisions with the knowledge necessary to confidently navigate the complexities of AWR. Our consultative service includes the crucial points you should be aware of and aims to give you a sound understanding of:-

  • Equal Treatment - which mandates that agency workers receive the same fundamental employment conditions as your permanent staff after a qualifying period.
  • Qualifying Period - when the equal treatment provisions come into effect.
  • Pay and Benefits - how they, alongside working conditions, are impacted by AWR. 
  • Access to Vacancies - your obligations to inform agency workers about relevant job vacancies within your provision.
  • Induction and Training - provision of induction, training, and career development opportunities for agency workers within the framework of UK law.
  • Compliance - staying updated on compliance requirements and best practices to effectively navigate the UK AWR landscape.


We get that handling responsibilities for agency workers can get a bit tricky sometimes. Our aim is to boost your confidence and trust in our agency's expertise and support. We're here to make things clear and straightforward.

Agency Worker Regulations 2020: Official Guidance


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